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Success Coach Brian Horne

Hello, my name is Brian Horne and I am a Success Coach from The Family Centre working at John
D. Bracco. At The Family Centre, we strive to help nurture healthy families in healthy communities.
The Family Centre is a trauma-informed agency whose guiding principles of hope, strength, respect,
diversity, understanding, trust, commitment, and community are the core values we employ when
working youth.

I work collaboratively with students to help them overcome the obstacles that prevent them from
being successful in school and in the community. By building a strong relationship with students, I
help increase their resilience and develop healthy strategies to cope with challenges. In collaboration
with the teaching staff, I help students become more engaged in their learning, avoid high-risk
behaviors, learn life skills, practice goal-setting and see a more positive future for themselves.

I connect with students at John D. Bracco School in the following ways:

  • Formal Work – creating S.M.A.R.T. goals with students on a one-on-one basis introducing them
    to goal-oriented work, assessing their resilience and increasing their network of support.
  • Short Term Engagements - informal support for students who may require co-regulation, conflict
    resolution, safety planning or additional short-term supports.
  • Capacity Building – supporting students through restorative justice circles, classroom
    discussions, teaching yoga, practicing meditation/mindfulness and other wellness activities to
    help increase their overall sense of well-being and learn valuable self-regulation tools.
  • Transitions – supporting students with educational transitions and working collaboratively with
    Success Coaches from other schools to organize field trips and other activities during the
    summer break for students to help keep them engaged in their community.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment for your child, please contact the
school office at 780-475-1760 ext. 2307.
Brian Horne