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Student Awards

EPSB Awards for Excellence (one per grade)

The award is based on an average of the four core subjects.

Justice John D. Bracco Award for Excellence (one per grade)

The award is based on outstanding citizenship, honours weighted average of four core and physical education.

Principal Honours 7-8-9

The award is based on 89.5 - 100 per cent weighted average in all four core including physical education with no complementary course less than 70 per cent.

Honours 7-8-9

The award is based on 79.5 - 89.4 per cent weighted average of all courses of study.


PAC Awards for Citizenship

The award recognizes students in Grade 7, 8 and 9 who have been noted for exemplary conduct in relation to the Pillars of Bracco.

Cst. Tom Farqhuar SRO (School Resources Officer) Award

The award is presented by administration to a student who has made significant positive changes over the past three years.

Jeff Dartnell Award

The award recognizes a Grade 9 student who has improved the most academically, socially, and in their attitude and community involvement over the past three years. A $100 scholarship is provided by the Rotary Club and student name will be inscribed on the Jeff Dartnell Trophy.

Edmonton Public Junior High Math Contest, Gauss & Pascal Math Awards

Description coming soon...

Edmonton Chinese Lions Club Award for Citizenship and ELL Achievement

Information to come at a later date...

Edmonton Chinese Lions Club Pillar Awards

Infromation to come at a later date and this award would be based on each of the six pillars of Bracco.

Bracco’s Best Academic Scholarships

This award is given to the students with the top three averages on the Grade 9 Provincial exams.

Academic and Core Subject Awards

These awards are given to the students with the top mark and also to students who have demonstrated the most improvement in their subject areas. This would include language arts, social studies, mathematics, science, phys ed and languages.

 Athlete of the Year Awards (Male and Female)

This award recognizes the top male and top female student who demonstrates enthusiasm, accomplishments, skill, leadership and involvement in JDB athletics.