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Bus Service

Edmonton Transit System

Parents are encouraged to purchase Arc Cards through their SchoolZone account under "Additional Fee". Contact Ms. Morton for more assistance. 

Student Monthly costs are $55.00 for students attending our school with a registered Arc Card.

To plan your trip, use the Edmonton Transit Trip Planner.

ETS route 108 travels between Clareview Transit Centre and Belvedere Transit Centre, and has a stop at the front of the school.

For additional information, parents can find more information on edmonton.ca/transit.

For students traveling to/from an On Demand Transit community, more information about the service and how to use it is available at edmonton.ca/OnDemandTransit.

ETS Planning Tools, lets you see how your child can get to/from school. ETS recommends the following tools:

  • The third-party Transit app, which can be downloaded for free from the Apple App and Google Play stores
  • Google Maps


Yellow Bus Service 

The Division provides yellow bus service where Edmonton Transit to the designated school isn’t available or doesn’t provide an acceptable level of service.

Yellow bus service operates for the following programs in Junior High School:

  • alternative program yellow bus
  • special education needs yellow bus

Speak with the school to determine eligibility and then apply with Edmonton Public Schools here.


Yellow Bus Service in Inclement Weather 

Yellow school buses may run later than usual, or not at all, on days when the weather is very bad. It's important to have alternate arrangements in place for getting your child to school in case the bus doesn't arrive. Don't leave your child unattended at the bus stop in severe weather for any period of time. Learn more about late and cancelled buses.





Student Pick Up/Drop Off and Handicap Parking

Please be respectful of the No Parking Zone in the front driveway of the school. This space is meant for Yellow Bus Transportation only to pick up and drop off students with mobility issues.

Please do not drop off/pick up students in the staff parking lot. Please also be mindful of the handicap parking stalls which are needed for students, staff and guests with mobility issues. 

We strongly encourage parents to have their children cross the street at a crosswalk and obey all pedestrian and traffic rules. Set up a designated place for them to meet you.

The City of Edmonton has set the speed limit in all Junior High school zones at 30km/h.

We appreciate your cooperation as we all need to work together to ensure our students' safety to and from our school building.