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Whether you’re a new rider or a returning rider, you need to apply for yellow bus service before June 1. Learn more about eligibility and how to apply. If you have questions or can’t apply online, please contact the school.

Bus Passes

‌Edmonton Transit System

Parents are encouraged to purchase Bus Passes through their SchoolZone account under "Additional Fee". They will be available 1 day before the new month starts and 3 days into the current month. Students can pick up their Bus Pass in the Business Office once paid online. 

After this time Bus Passes or tickets can be purchased from local stores in your area.

Bus Passes are $60.00 for students residing in our school. Replacement for a lost Bus Pass is $72.50 and is available within the first week into the new month. All remaining Bus Passes will be returned to ETS. 

To plan your trip, use the Edmonton Transit Trip Planner.





Student Pick Up & Drop Off Parking

Please be respectful of the No Parking Zone in the front driveway of the school. This space is meant for Yellow Bus Transportation only to pick up and drop off students with mobility issues.

Please do not drop off and pick up students in the staff parking lot. Set up a desinated place to meet them. 

We strongly encourage parents to have their children cross the street at a crosswalk as accidents can happen when they run across the street direclty in front of the school.

The City of Edmonton has set the speed limit in all Junior High school zones at 30km/h.

We appreciate your cooperation as we all need to work together to ensure our students' safety to and from our school building.