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School Philosophy

We are committed to making a measurable difference at John D. Bracco by focusing on student academic achievement while building positive relationships with every student. As a school community, our staff and students have identified the Pillars of Bracco that support lasting relationships: CITIZENSHIP - COURAGE - DIGNITY - INTEGRITY - RESPECT - RESPONSIBILITY. 

We have many goals at JDB, one of which is for every student and staff member to read for learning and enjoyment,.Another goal is providing all students the best opportunities to learn and to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways.  We strive to engage all students in performance base learning, such as scientific experiments, annual "Adam's" run (5km), educational field trips and experiential learning such as;  in house experiences including Dance workshops, Career Fair and out of school experiences including partnerships with Clareview Library & Rec Centre, TWOSE and Soccer Institute, 

We believe in providing a wide range of learning experiences for students to develop 21st century competencies in academics, arts, athletics, and attitudes. We value our diversity in world views, cultures, languages, and interests. Our student leadership programs and extra curricular activities nurture leadership skills  and community service learning in our students.


Student Testimonials

"On my first day of Junior High, just like everyone else, I was scared but excited. I quickly found out just how caring and helpful everybody was. By the end of the day, I knew more than half the people in the class! Even though I only went to elementary with a few of my classmates, the rest of them were very friendly and easy to talk to."

Zachary, Grade 8 Belmont Elementary Alumni

"At John D. Bracco School the teachers are really nice and helpful. Whenever we do projects they give you options instead of just making you do a poster or a PowerPoint. They also take time out of their lives so they can help you with things and you knowledge can expand. There is usually never a dull moment!"

Anisa, Grade 8 Belmont Elementary Alumni 

"The teachers here are seriously awesome. I can't get over how nice they are too. Learning is made fun, with hands on activities and LOTS of fieldtrips. Also they don't just give you a book and tell you do page 33, they make sure you understand everything.

"Morgan, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni 

"When I came to the Open House at John D. Bracco, everyone was welcoming. They showed the way around and gave me information about the school., On my first day , I was not nervous at all, I was excited to be here. Teachers said hello and I like how they gave us sheets like "Name Bingo" to get to know the kids in my class! It was an extraordinary day!"

Braydon, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni

"We have great sports teams, the coaches are really nice and they make it their job to make sure that the kids have fun. The morning announcements are done over a TV and not over an intercom. We have pep rallys and dances that are planned by the leadership students."

Chelsey, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni

"On my first day at John D. Bracco I was really scared and kind of nervous. I didn't know if any of my friends from elementary were going to be in my class, I didn't know if I was going to make any new friends. But now, I have tons of new friends, people that didn't go to the same elementary as me. Even people form different places that moved to Canada. During the second week of school, I really felt like this is the right school for me!"

Chelsey, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni

"At John D. Bracco there are so many activities, and you can try for any team or club. The teams here are the best and coaches are even more amazing because they help you and motivate you to do your best. The Drama club performs two plays a year and they work hard to make it amazing. At John D. Bracco you get awards for your achievements like for the sports teams there's sports night where members of that team get an award. John D. Bracco is amazing and I would not want to go to any other school.

"Parvinder, Grade 8 Kirkness Elementary Alumni

"At JDB we have lots of extra stuff to do. At lunch we have a school store, with great things for a good price. Also the announcements are on a TV screen. Also we have lots of fieldtrips, to Drumheller, a Ski Trip to Jasper and Snow Valley. Also we have gym everyday all year and have many great options like Foods, and Outdoor Ed."

Ethan, Grade 8 Bannerman Elementary Alumni

"On my first day I was so welcomed all the big Grade 9s were nice, and same with the Grade 8s. I went to Bannerman Elementary and now I almost know everyone in the school, I would never change schools in a million years. It is safe and extremely welcoming here.

"Tyson Grade 8 Bannerman Elementary Alumni

"Here in JDB, academic classes are amazing. The teachers crack a couple jokes while staying on topic and teaching us. I will always remember something better if it is fun rather than boring. I'm in Advanced Placement classes, and while I learn I even crack a couple jokes and the teachers don't get mad. I love the teachers here.

"Tyson, Grade 8, Bannerman Elementary Alumni

"My first day of school was really fun because all of my teachers were weird and wacky and really funny. I like John D. Bracco because its like a second home, I have lots of friends, great teachers, and a place where I belong. It's one of the best schools I've been to.John D. Bracco isn't just my school, it's my home.

"Alexandra, Grade 8 Bannerman Elementary Alumni

"John D. Bracco makes school exciting and has you coming to school everyday with something to look forward to."Nicole, Grade 8 Kirkness Elementary Alumni "JDB is a very diverse school, we have kids from all around the world!

"Jala, Grade 7, Belmont Elementary Alumni

"When you come to JDB its easy to make friends. You'll find yourself at home. Just be yourself, and you'll be fine. This is such a great school.

"Monica, Grade 7, Belmont Elementary Alumni

"John D. Bracco is 100% about helping you learn, and doing your best! There is something for everyone at JDB."

Leah, Grade 7, Bannerman Elementary Alumni

"The option classes are awesome. In art, we have our own sketchbooks and we learn different techniques everyday from blind contours to self portraits.

"Sarah, Grade 7, Fraser Elementary Alumni

"When you are learning at JDB the teachers are able to help you whenever you need them. If you are struggling don't be shy to go to Academic Coaching after school. This is where the teachers can help you one on one."

Meagan, Grade 7, Fraser Elementary Alumni