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Learning Resources and Dress Code

Listed below are a variety of resources parents can access to help their children with their school studies.

SchoolZone Help

If you've forgotten you password and need it reset, please call school at 780-475-1760 extension 0. Please also note that a password will not be reset for a parents account if a student ask for it. 

 Math Resources

Here are some websites for Math practice...



Students can take practice exams in questions aligned to the Alberta curriculum using www.aberta.exambank.com. They can access this site with the login information below from both home and school.

Username: jdbracco

Password: bruins

Edmonton Public Library 

Visit the new Library at the Clareview Recreation Center and when you are there get a new or replacement Library Card using this . To view the activities planned for the month visit the page of www.epl.ca.

Metro Continuing Education 

Edmonton Public Schools, through Metro Continuing Education, continues to offer exciting summer school programming. Summer Cool School will offer a variety of academic and enrichment experiences for students from grade 7 through grade 9. The programming will run during the first three weeks os July. Summer Cool School is the prefect way for students to stay busy in a safe, educational, and enjoyable environment.

For more information, please visit the Metro Continuing Education Website.

Bikes, Skateboards, and Kick Scooters

Students are welcome to ride their bicycles, kick scooters, and skateboards to school. However the safety of all students is a priority. We expect students to wear a helmet to prevent injury and to dismount when entering the school grounds. Ensure that their bike is locked up at the bike racks with a theif proof lock (U-Locks are the best). Located within the school, is a skateboard rack for the kick scooters and skateboards. You MUST bring your own lock for this rack, as the school does not provide it. It is not the school responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced items.

Bullying Prevention Toolkit  

Edmonton Public Schools has published a toolkit for understanding, preventing, and resolving bullying issues. Click here for the document: Bullying Prevention (2012)

Dress code

Just a reminder that all students should be dressing according to the weather. With winter being here, we strongly encourage that all students wear:

  • warm hat
  • gloves / mittens
  • winter boots
  • winter ski pants

Students will still be gathering within their cohort classes at their designated door and will be waiting to come into the school at their designated time due to the staggered entry we have in place for COVID-19. Students will not be coming into the school earlier then their designated time. 

When we approuch to spring and summer, we expect all students to dress appropriately and keep the focus on academic success.

As per our handbook - Students are expected to:

  • arrive to school clean – personal body odor is a concern for teenagers and a concern in the classroom.
  • refrain from wearing distracting, revealing clothing that would make staff or students uncomfortable, including messages that are profane, alcohol/drug related or violent – tops and pants should meet, and undergarments should not be seen.
  • remove caps, visors, hats or bandannas.
  • change clothing if dressed inappropriately – parents will be informed if this issue persists.
  • refrain from using strong perfumes or colognes as we are a scent sensitive environment.

Healthy Kids Resources

Health Talk Newsletter available for your information. AHS Addiction and Mental Health website has valuable resources. ‌

The Park Bench is a great community Resource.  If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter go to the following link The Park Bench

Community Sports

Our children might be interested in participating in community sports programs.  Click here for more information: Edmonton Minor Soccer


 Info from our School Nurse, Kaley Berryman RN, BScN

Our School Nurse and her team from the Northeast Community Health Centre provide information, information sessions, and vaccinations or immunizations for our school community. We will continue to post information here regarding upcoming dates or events.