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Pre-Advanced Placement

Pre-Advanced Placement is an internationally recognized program that provides junior high students with academically rigorous programming.

GOALS: Develop academic skills in a challenging learning environment. Demonstrate personal responsibility, diligence and self-discipline.

BENEFITS: Improved ability to handle rigorous and advanced coursework. Improved work and study skills. Familiarity working at an accelerated pace. Preparation for academic programming in Advanced Placement or International Baccalaureate.

PROGRAM DELIVERY: In-depth study of advanced concepts. Instruction delivered at an accelerated pace. An application process for some schools.

To be eligible for this programming, students must be enrolled in Grades 7 to 9 and motivated to achieve and enjoy challenges.


Pre-AP Form

Contact our school office for information about eligibility and programming options.

All Edmonton Public Schools programming is based on curriculum determined by Alberta Education. Students enrolled in Pre-Advanced Placement will receive the same high-quality education offered in all of our programs.


Soccer Institute

The Full Year Soccer Option at JDB offers students who have a passion for soccer a holistic approach to development by using the four corner approach that touches on all aspects of a players development. Technical, Psychological, Physical and Social.

Topics will include: mastering the ball, skill development, games play and attacking/defending principles.

Students will train three times per week in the afternoons (M, W, F) at the school during the fall/spring & the Edmonton Soccer Centre East during winter months.

Our program is suited to help the individual student reach their full potential in soccer as well as academics. This opportunity brings like-minded players together who share the same love for the beautiful game.

JDB Soccer Institute - Brochure

Soccer Institute Application

To view a video about our program on our YouTube channel, please click here.


Basketball Institute

The Basketball Institute at John D. Bracco offers students, who have a passion for basketball, with high-level instruction in a supportive environment that allows them to experience growth, development and fun. The basketball Institute will mentor student-athletes to bring confidence, self-motivation and hard work to all aspects of basketball and life.

Topics will include technical coaching on footwork, ball handling, passing/catching, defending, shooting and finishing. Coaches will not only focus on developing fundamental basketball skills, but developing fundamental movement and athleticism through physical literacy, strengthening and conditioning.

Students will train three times per week in the afternoons (M, W, F) at either John D. Bracco School or at the Clareview Recreation Centre gymnasium.

Our program is suited to help the individual student reach their full potential in basketball as well as academics and life in general.

Basketball Institute Application