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Arc Cards 

We are excited to announce that the ARC Card program is being introduced for our students at John D Bracco! What this means, is that for our ETS students, rather than having a paper bus pass, they will be given a plastic ARC Card that is reloadable every month!

As we roll out this program, we would request that if you would like to purchase your child's bus pass online, please call Mrs. Morton, or email her at melissa.s.morton@epsb.ca, so that she may register the ARC card to your child's SchoolZone account, and then add the fee to their account.

Please check out SchoolZone for a step by step guide.


Grade 9 Celebration

Our Grade 9 Celebration will be held on June 25, 2024. Stay tuned for more details.

Taste of Bracco 


On Thursday May 9th Taste of Bracco was held with tremendous turnout. This is a display of our communities different cultures. Students can sample and showcase some food, art and all that our melting pot of cultures has to offer. Thank you to our families and community who proudly put themselves and taught us a small part of their cultures.


Year End Field Trips

As the school year winds down, we have started organizing our year end field trips.

This year they will be :

Grade 7's - Edmonton Valley Zoo - June 25, 2024

Grade 8's - WEM Galaxyland - June 25, 2024

Grade 9's - Annual Jasper Trip - June 26, 2024

A01, A02, A03 and our EAL classes - WEM Waterpark - June 24, 2024

To be able to attend students must be in good standing on their school fees and have permission slips and the individual field trip fees paid by June 3, 2024.