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Complimentary Programs

In addition to the five base subjects students have the opportunity to choose two complementary subjects to study to run a Full Year. Students can choose from the following courses, adding any 2 of these to their core program classes.

Art 7, 8, 9

Art students will explore art through a variety of media and techniques, including drawing, painting and sculpture. Students will learn to apply skills in a way that develops not only their ability to create realistic pieces but also look at art as a form of personal expression.

Digital Media and Broadcasting 7, 8, 9

In the Digital Media and Broadcasting program, students discover the impact of news and ad media and the techniques used to communicate, gain our attention and sell products and services. Using digital still and video cameras, audio and computer technologies they also develop the skills to effectively communicate messages using various media forms: photography, video, sound and print. Students use their leadership, technology and communication skills to serve the school in activities such as photographing and videotaping school and classroom events, reporting activities in announcements and emceeing or helping to train emcees for school assemblies.

Drama 7, 8, 9

The drama program develops knowledge of self and others, competency in communication skills, and the tools to tell stories through action. This is accomplished by the study of movement, speech, improvisation, technical theatre and theatre history. Students perform in practical scene work, participate in character development and role play, and come to understand theatre tradition and etiquette.

Environmental and Outdoor Education 7, 8, 9

In Environmental and Outdoor Education every student will have the opportunity to participate in various “activities” during the year. All activities are chosen to ensure success, but still provide a real element of challenge. Students may require access to some equipment such as good rain gear, outdoor winter clothing and a backpack. Classroom theory, lessons, local trips, and potential overnight trips are all intended to prepare students for a possible longer overnight trip. The intent is to allow students a chance to experiment with independence, leadership, and personal challenge.

Fitness 9

Fitness is an activity based course designed for students who wish to develop training techniques and an understanding of themselves as an athlete. The course will give students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of sports skill development, physical training, nutrition, body mechanics, sport related injuries and first aid.

Food Studies 7, 8, 9

In Food Studies all students will be learning basic cooking skills and techniques as well as the positive benefits of healthy food choices. Students will learn: to understand and follow recipes, proper use of kitchen equipment, kitchen safety, care in handling food, team work, and efficient work habits. Practical lab experiences will emphasize the development of food preparation skills.  Recipes chosen will represent the grade and skill level of the students.

Guitar 7, 8, 9

The guitar program provides students with the opportunity to learn guitar, play drums occasionally and sing. Students will develop the skills required to play a repertoire of interesting pieces written in a variety of musical styles. Students will be required to rent a guitar and supplies as needed. Alternatively, students may use their own approved guitar.

Leadership 7, 8, 9

Leadership students will be active and responsible citizens contributing positively to the quality of their environment, community and society as a whole. Students will learn about their personal strengths and style of leadership. Through various student initiated projects, students will develop social responsibility and cultural, global and environmental awareness. Students will be involved in planning, managing and accessing a number of school wide, local and global community service initiatives that will enable them to develop their identity, leadership skills and participation in a broader world.

Study Skills 7, 8, 9

In this program students will work with a teacher to develop efficient organization and study habits.  This is an opportunity for students to utilize extra support and time to focus on particular areas of study. Teachers will work with students to develop an individualized plan for the course.