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School Focus

Flex Thursday

On Thursdays we offer enhanced programming for all our students.

In the morning classes, all students receive literacy and numeracy intervention with targeted instruction and skill development based on student needs. Instruction is provided by our teachers and include foundational skill development for individuals and small group support for core areas of learning.

In the afternoon’s students have the opportunity to expand their knowledge base with unique sessions hosted by our staff.  Students are able to choose their own sessions register ahead of time for three-week intervals. This can include Forensics, Film Studies, Nutrition, Lyric Analysis, or Musical Theatre. Our students have assisted with the redesign of Harisine park in cooperation with the City of Edmonton, learned financial literacy and experienced new STEM advances and hands-on activities. Physical Activity sessions are also available such as Pickleball, Muay Thai, Snow Shoeing, Fitness Centre Training and Yoga.

We are able to explore a variety of activities further strengthening our relationships with our students and create specialized targeted intervention using this model.


Mental Health and Well-Being During Covid-19

We care about the range of emotions and questions students of all ages may be experiencing in this uncertain and unprecedented time of the Covid-19 pandemic and changes within schools and society. The change in routines and feelings of having to have social distances from peers, educators and other important caregivers may cause some distress. However, this time offers an opportunity to strengthen our resilience and pay greater attention to our well-being.

Supports for our Students

We have taken an active role in supporting students’ mental health and well-being. Building relationships and connections, offering support and building capacity of school-based staff will help ease the transition the back to school and help meet the needs of students.

Also we have the following that would help them feel more comfortable at school:

  • having a relaxing and calming space to go to in the school if feeling overwhelmed
  • support for re-developing school routines
  • support with social emotional learning skills
  • additional information to support their mental health and well-being, and the support of our Success Coach Brian Horne and the Administrative Staff

Literacy and Numeracy  

We have a strong focus on Literacy and Numeracy at John D. Bracco School. We know that the more students read, the better their writing becomes, and we are targeting skills needed to be successful on the Provincial Achievement Tests that all students write at the end of their Grade 9 year.