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Supply List

School Supply List for Grades 7, 8 and 9

● 1 headset or ear phones for computers or chromebooks
● 1 set of subject dividers
● 1 package of loose leaf lined paper
● 3-5 scribblers
● 1 package of HB pencils (mechanical or traditional)
● 2 erasers
● Highlighters in different colors
● 2 glue sticks
● 1 geometry set (grade 7 students only)
● 2 - 2 inch NON zippered binder
● 6 duo-tangs in different colors
● 1 package of either blue or black pens
● 1 pencil sharpener
● 1 pair of scissors
● 1 metric ruler
● 1 pencil case
● 1 package of index cards (optional) used for studying
● 1 basic calculator with square root function (grade 7 and grade 8 students only)
● 1 scientific calculator (grade 9 students)
● 1 gym outfit- shorts or track/sweat pants, t-shirt, non-marking indoor running shoes
● 1 lock for gym locker

1 combination lock will be provided to each student for their hallway locker that can be accessed by an
administrator. This lock will be returned by each student at the end of the school year.
Students needing a second lock for losing or breaking a lock supplied by JDB will be charged $10.00


● Combination lock which is to be used in the gym change room only (Purchased by parent)
● PE dress code – non-marking gym shoes, t-shirt, shorts or track/sweat pants.
NOTE: Students are required to change for daily PE to provide a healthy and clean environment for
themselves and others.

**Individual teachers may also provide a list of any additional supplies required for their program the
first week of classes. **


~ If your child is biking to school and locking up their bike, it's suggested to purchase a U-Lock.

~ We also have a skateboard rack located in the school, but the student MUST provide their own lock for the rack.