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Supply List

School Supply List for Grades 7, 8 and 9

● 1 headset or ear phones for computers or chromebooks
● 1 set of subject dividers 
● 1 package of loose leaf lined paper
● Scribblers
● 1 package of HB pencils (mechanical or traditional)
● 2 erasers
● Highlighters in different colors
● 2 glue sticks
● 1 geometry set (grade 7 students only)
● 2 inch NON zippered binder
● 6 duo-tangs in different colors
● 1 package of either blue or black pens
● 1 pencil sharpener
● 1 pair of scissors
● 1 metric ruler
● 1 pencil case
● 1 basic calculator with square root function (grade 7 and grade 8 students only)
● 1 scientific calculator (grade 9 students)
● 1 gym outfit- shorts or track/sweat pants, t-shirt, non-marking indoor running shoes (to be determinded at a later date)
● 1 lock for gym locker (to be derterminded at a later date)

PHYSICAL EDUCATION (Due to COVID protocol and at this time, there is no changing of clothing until it is determind at a later date in the New School Year 2022-2023)

**Special program teachers may also provide a list of any additional supplies required for their program the first week of classes. **


~ If your child is biking or skateboard to school, please ensure that they have a lock as we don't provide them. It's suggested to purchase a U-Lock for bikes outside to stop the theif of your child bike. PLEASE NOTE: The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bikes.

~ We also have a skateboard rack which is located inside the school and student are to provide their own lock for the rack. PLEASE NOTE: The school is not responsible for lost or stolen skateboards