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Alternative Program


This program is ideal for junior high students who want the following:

  • a rigourous and challenging program,
  • a broad intercultural and international perspective, and an opportunity to be come socially responsible life-long learners.

The program follows the Alberta Education Program of Studies. Students will be evaluated on the same final assessments as all other students; they will not be disadvantaged for learning an enriched curriculum. The key program elements include:

  • creating challenging learning environments through the development of tasks that require active student engagement and encourage students to take intellectual risks and experiment with ideas,
  • requiring students to formulate question and draw inferences from a variety of sources and construct solid verbal and written arguments, and
  • fostering a culture of character and citizenship.

For more information on Advanced Placement Programming see this document from the College Board at Choose AP.

For information from the University of Alberta about the advantages of Advanced Placement Programming, you can check this U of A Website.