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  • Athletics


    Teams provide opportunities for students to develop their expertice in a variety of areas. Please read more below to find description of each team and the Athletics calendar.

    Note: Students must maintain good behaviour, attendance and relationships with the staff and students in order to be considered for these privileges. The school reserves the right to allow or not allow students to attend or participate in school-sponsored activities or other occasions where students are representing John D. Bracco School at any time.

    If families are interested in seeing financial support for sport registrations, please visit www.kidsportcanada.ca. All kids can Play! 


    Teams: Boys Singles, Girls Singles, Boys Doubles, Girls Doubles, Mixed Doubles

    Season: March to April


    Teams: Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls

    Season: December to March


    Teams: Division 1 Coed, Division 2 Coed

    Season: September to March

    Cross Country Running

    Track Meets: Cross Country Cities, Running Room Games, Spring Run Club

    Season: September to October, February to March, March to May

    Football (Flag)

    Teams: Boys, Girls

    Season: April to June

    Rugby (Flag)

    Teams: Boys, Girls

    Season: April to June

    Slo Pitch

    Teams: Coed

    Season: April to June


    Teams: Boys, Girls

    Season: September to October

    For more information on the JDB Soccer Institute see the following links...

    John D. Bracco - Soccer Brochure

    John D. Bracco - Soccer Application

    Track & Field

    Track Meets: School Meet, Zone Meet, City Meet

    Season: May


    Teams: Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls

    Season: October to December


    Teams: Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys, Senior Girls

    Season: October to March


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  • Bus Passes

    Bus Passes

    Edmonton Transit System

    Bus Passes are sold in the Business Office from 8:20 to 3:45 pm and are available 1 day before the new month starts and 3 days into the current month.

    After this time Bus Passes or tickets can be purchased from local stores in your area.

    Edmonton Transit costs are determined per child. Call the Business Office at 780-475-1760 ext 4 to find out what your child will pay.

    To plan your trip, use the Edmonton Transit Trip Planner.




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  • Clubs & Activities

    Clubs & Activities

    Clubs provide opportunities for students to develop their expertice in a variety of areas. Please read more below to find description of each club.

    Note: Students must maintain good behaviour, attendance and relationships with the staff and students in order to be considered for these privileges. The school reserves the right to allow or not allow students to attend or participate in school-sponsored activities or other occasions where students are representing John D. Bracco School at any time.

    Advanced Music Club

    This club is for motivated musicians who want to extend their skills beyond music class and/or form bands then rehearse together. Students will have the opportunity to pursue lead guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums or singing. Music club practices are held at various times including lunch, before and after school. Occasionally, students will practice on a Saturday afternoon if a big performance is coming up and extra practices are required. Students do not have to be registered in a music class to join; however, regular home practice is a must.

    Anime Club

    This club meets to discuss, show, and promote anime in a community setting and may also focus on broadening Japanese cultural understanding.

    Community Helpers

    This club helps students become better helpers for their friends, family and community. Members learn how to talk about problems and issues that they face and know who to go to for help.

    Drama Club

    This club provides an opportunity using dramatic studies to enhance student confidence and imagination through active expression. Students will be collaboratively working with their peers and teachers towards the production of a school play.

    GSA (Gender & Sexualities Alliance)

    This club provides a safe place for students to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity and expression, and work to end homophobia and transphobia.

    Intramural Program

    During lunch break, students are welcome to participate in intramural activities in the gym. There will be a variety of activities to choose from, including team games, individual challenges and home room team building games. The theme for each month is as follows:

    Sept/Oct - Welcome Back Homeroom Challenges

    Nov - Western Days

    Dec - Winter Fun

    Jan - Paralympics

    Feb - Olympics

    Mar - March Madness

    Apr - NHL (Noodle Hockey League)

    MACLAB Club

    This club is a Citadel Theatre program offering a glimpse into the world of professional theatre. Students are dropped off at the Citadel three chosen evenings throughout the school year. They first enjoy a light supper and pre-show presentation by working professionals from the Edmonton Theatre community. After watching the performance, students are invited to stay for a Q&A session with members of the cast and crew.

    Video Game Club

    This club will explore the ever-changing world of video games. We will play school appropriate computer games, console games, design our own games and will battle Mario Kart or Mario Party tournament style. All experience levels are welcome.

    Youth Leadership Program (sponsored by Toastmasters International)

    This is an informal course in the art of Leadership and Communication. Students will meet after school to prepare and deliver a number of speeches, in addition to taking on roles as they relate to leading a meeting. The focus is on developing a voice which can be heard and understood, in addition to recognizing the importance of the qualities of effective leadership.

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  • School Philosophy

    School Philosophy

    Our staff is committed to making a difference at John D. Bracco through building positive relationships. We continue to focus our work on excellence in academics, fine and practical arts, athletics, and attitudes!

    We believe, and research supports, that vocabulary and reading comprehension are essential skills for developing literacy skills in every student. We know that learning subject specific vocabulary can improve student achievement.

    Our goal is for every student and staff member to read for learning and for enjoyment!

    Universal Design for Learning means giving all students the best opportunities to learn and to demonstrate their learning in a variety of ways. We strive to engage all students in performance based learning such as: scientific experiments, spaghetti bridge building, cow eye dissection, JDB 5 Km Run, and Video Conferencing with the Canadian Space Agency or the Royal Tyrrell Museum.


    "On my first day of Junior High, just like everyone else, I was scared but excited. I quickly found out just how caring and helpful everybody was. By the end of the day, I knew more than half the people in the class! Even though I only went to elementary with a few of my classmates, the rest of them were very friendly and easy to talk to."
    Zachary, Grade 8 Belmont Elementary Alumni
    "At John D. Bracco School the teachers are really nice and helpful. Whenever we do projects they give you options instead of just making you do a poster or a PowerPoint. They also take time out of their lives so they can help you with things and you knowledge can expand. There is usually never a dull moment!"
    Anisa, Grade 8 Belmont Elementary Alumni
    "The teachers here are seriously awesome. I can't get over how nice they are too. Learning is made fun, with hands on activities and LOTS of fieldtrips. Also they don't just give you a book and tell you do page 33, they make sure you understand everything."
    Morgan, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni
    "When I came to the Open House at John D. Bracco, everyone was welcoming. They showed the way around and gave me information about the school., On my first day , I was not nervous at all, I was excited to be here. Teachers said hello and I like how they gave us sheets like "Name Bingo" to get to know the kids in my class! It was an extraordinary day!"
    Braydon, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni
    "We have great sports teams, the coaches are really nice and they make it their job to make sure that the kids have fun. The morning announcements are done over a TV and not over an intercom. We have pep rallys and dances that are planned by the leadership students."
    "Chelsey, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni
    "On my first day at John D. Bracco I was really scared and kind of nervous. I didn't know if any of my friends from elementary were going to be in my class, I didn't know if I was going to make any new friends. But now, I have tons of new friends, people that didn't go to the same elementary as me. Even people form different places that moved to Canada. During the second week of school, I really felt like this is the right school for me!"
    Chelsey, Grade 8 Fraser Elementary Alumni
    "At John D. Bracco there are so many activities, and you can try for any team or club. The teams here are the best and coaches are even more amazing because they help you and motivate you to do your best. The Drama club performs two plays a year and they work hard to make it amazing. At John D. Bracco you get awards for your achievements like for the sports teams there's sports night where members of that team get an award. John D. Bracco is amazing and I would not want to go to any other school."
    Parvinder, Grade 8 Kirkness Elementary Alumni
    "At JDB we have lots of extra stuff to do. At lunch we have a school store, with great things for a good price. Also the announcements are on a TV screen. Also we have lots of fieldtrips, to Drumheller, a Ski Trip to Jasper and Snow Valley. Also we have gym everyday all year and have many great options like Foods, and Outdoor Ed."
    Ethan, Grade 8 Bannerman Elementary Alumni
    "On my first day I was so welcomed all the big Grade 9s were nice, and same with the Grade 8s. I went to Bannerman Elementary and now I almost know everyone in the school, I would never change schools in a million years. It is safe and extremely welcoming here."
    Tyson Grade 8 Bannerman Elementary Alumni
    "Here in JDB, academic classes are amazing. The teachers crack a couple jokes while staying on topic and teaching us. I will always remember something better if it is fun rather than boring. I'm in Advanced Placement classes, and while I learn I even crack a couple jokes and the teachers don't get mad. I love the teachers here."
    Tyson, Grade 8, Bannerman Elementary Alumni
    "My first day of school was really fun because all of my teachers were weird and wacky and really funny. I like John D. Bracco because its like a second home, I have lots of friends, great teachers, and a place where I belong. It's one of the best schools I've been to.John D. Bracco isn't just my school, it's my home."
    Alexandra, Grade 8 Bannerman Elementary Alumni
    "John D. Bracco makes school exciting and has you coming to school everyday with something to look forward to."
    Nicole, Grade 8 Kirkness Elementary Alumni
    "JDB is a very diverse school, we have kids from all around the world!"
    Jala, Grade 7, Belmont Elementary Alumni
    "When you come to JDB its easy to make friends. You'll find yourself at home. Just be yourself, and you'll be fine. This is such a great school."
    Monica, Grade 7, Belmont Elementary Alumni
    "John D. Bracco is 100% about helping you learn, and doing your best! There is something for everyone at JDB."
    Leah, Grade 7, Bannerman Elementary Alumni
    "The option classes are awesome. In art, we have our own sketchbooks and we learn different techniques everyday from blind contours to self portraits."
    Sarah, Grade 7, Fraser Elementary Alumni
    "When you are learning at JDB the teachers are able to help you whenever you need them. If you are struggling don't be shy to go to Academic Coaching after school. This is where the teachers can help you one on one."
    Meagan, Grade 7, Fraser Elementary Alumni

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  • Parking


    Student Pick Up & Drop Off Parking

    Please be respectful of the No Parking Zone in the front driveway of the school. This space is meant for Yellow Bus Transportation only to pick up and drop off students with mobility issues.

    We strongly encourage parents to have their children cross the street at a crosswalk as accidents can happen when they run across the street direclty in front of the school.

    The City of Edmonton has set the speed limit in all Junior High school zones at 30km/h.

    We appreciate your cooperation as we all need to work together to ensure our students' safety to and from our school building.

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John D. Bracco school has served the Clareview area since 1992. Students come from our community feeder schools including Bannerman, Belmont, Fraser, Kirkness, Homesteader, Overlanders, Sifton, and Horse Hill Elementary Schools.  

Architecturally, our building is one of the most attractive schools in Edmonton Public Schools. Although an attractive, well maintained building is a positive feature, we believe that it is our staff and our relationships with students and parents that is our strength!

In the three years they spend with us, students will be preparing for high school and the programs that will determine their choices for further education. Our dedicated staff creates a safe and caring environment in which all students are challenged to learn and achieve their personal best.

Our District Priorities are to:

Ensure every student is successful in their program of studies, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy, to instill in each student the attributes of citizenship and good character in a learning environment that promotes health, well-being and positive relationships, and to provide a collaborative, healthy and innovative workplace that recognizes individual contributions and supports opportunities for growth and professional development.

Principal's Message

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